Best UK Sex Dating Sites For Adults

Best UK Sex Dating Sites

Since casual dating sites have no sprung up everywhere on the internet, while the demand for multiple sites remains low, folks who are interested in hookup dating online now have to navigate a web constructed primarily out of bullshit and deceit. There are now literally thousands of adult websites on the internet and very few of them are actually worth paying. We tested around 70 of them and determined that only 3 of them were legitimate while the rest we did not think were worth paying for the premium membership at all. We created this site as a way to help you determine which sites were real and which sites were fake. These were our findings.

Hookup WebsitesPowerRatingSent EmailsReceived RepliesDates Set UpDates Actually HadClosed The DealReviewsFree Trial
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Source: Best Sex Dating Sites – Tested in UK, 2022.

Adult Dating Site Scams

Even though there is a growing demand for adult dating online, there isn’t necessarily a demand for more sex dating sites. In the world of sex dating sites, less is actually more. Having fewer sites actually makes the scene better because the sites that do exist have larger user bases, which makes the site more useful for meeting people. When you have more sites, even if everyone was divided evenly among them, the user bases would be smaller. It’s a fairly instinctive thing to know that large user bases make for a better dating site, but what is a newer site to do?

This is where the scam comes into play. Since most people feel absolutely no need to pay for multiple dating sites, fledgling site need to do whatever they can to make money. So what do they do? They lure naive (and mostly male) users to their casual dating sites, by inflating their user bases with cam girls, escorts, and completely fake accounts manned either by bots or site employees to flirt with you a couple times in order to get you to pay for the premium membership. After they got your money they’ll usually reveal themselves to be cam girls or escorts and they’ll try to get you to pay for their services. Legitimate cam sites do not need to troll adult dating sites in order to secure clients, and there’s no reason why anyone would need to sign up for an adult dating service to get access to cam girls.

In other words, it’s a deceptive marketing tactic used by crooked scam sites in order to get you to pay for their premium membership. After a month or so it becomes apparent there are somewhere between none and a couple actual women looking for men (and not customers) on these sites.

Adult Dating Statistics: How we tested the sites

In order to test each site we needed to make a minimum commitment of at least one month since scam sites have gotten so good at mimicking the legitimate sites to get laid. The only way to really know is to is to test the site for extended period of time by interacting with the various women on the site. So we sent out a few emails a day to the various members and recorded how many responses we got. We then attempted to set up dates with the ladies who replied and eventually tried to meet up with them. Large discrepancies between how many replies we got and how many dates we set up was an indication to us of deceptive marketing. Also, large discrepancies between how many dates we set up and how many dates we actually had where the girl showed up was an indication of deceptive marketing. We noticed on sites that we considered scams we got the same or a similar amount of replies as on the sites we considered legitimate. In the end, there were only 3 sites that we deemed worthy of the monetary investment in premium membership. One thing to bear in mind is that we only sent emails to girls on the site that we actually would consider having sex with. That excluded a lot of profiles for larger women. So if you don’t mind a little cushion for pushing, you’ll probably have even more luck than we did.

The point is, that the vast majority of sites that purport to be hookup sites really don’t offer the service they claim to offer. While there are legitimate sites out there, there is not a huge demand for tons of dating sites. What ends up happening for legitimate sites is that they splinter off into fetishes and niches. For instance, swinger sites, cougar dating, and dating sites for married people who are looking to have an affair.

In the grand scheme of things, it makes sense to have multiple dating sites that cater to specific niches, but not hundreds of dating sites all within the same niche. In an attempt to capitalize on a booming adult dating market, none of these opportunists stopped to think about the fact that there was no need for more sites. So what they did was create a fake product that was in high demand. So watch out for yourself.

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