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Sex Cam Site Reviews: The Best Live Sex Cams

Cam girl sites have become a pretty big thing around the internet, especially for married guys or guys in committed relationships who have sex fantasies that they can’t or won’t get their wives to play out with them. While some guys take to affair dating sites, other guys are more interested in trying out live sex cams. While even the top cam websites lack the same amount of intimacy as actually having sex with a woman, you do on the other hand actually get to interact with a live performer. But like so many things on the internet these days, there are a handful of really great websites, and then a whole shit ton of scams. So what we did was test out all the biggest live cam girl sites on the internet, and then we ranked them according to a metric we created that considered the quality of the feed, the variety of the girls, and whether or not they tried to bilk you out of as much money as they could before you shot your load. Here were our findings:

Sexcam SiteRatedRankedStreaming QualityFree TrialReviewsVisit
★★★★★#1GREATYESRead user reviewsTest the Website
★★★★#2GREATYESRead user reviewsTest the Website
★★★★#3GOODYESRead user reviewsTest the Website

Source: Best Sex Cam Sites – Tested in UK, 2022.

How did we test the live sex cam sites?

Well, here’s what you need to know. A lot of so called “cam sites” will try to scam you in paying for them with pre-recorded sessions. Basically, it’s easy to trick someone into believing that there’s a live girl on the other side because some chat rooms have more than one dude in there and she’s talking to all of them. So she’ll respond to what they say, but not necessarily what you say. So what we wanted to do was ask some really specific questions to fulfill personal fantasies. This way we knew that the girl was responding to us specifically and not generically.

How to live sex cam sites scam you?

There’s a few different ways ranging from the obvious to the not so obvious. The thing you need to bear in mind is that good cam sites want repeat customers. That means giving you exactly what you came for without leaving you feeling cheated at the end of it. So a good cam performer is not going to try to stall you for an hour by playing delaying your orgasm forever. Sites that encourage their performers to do that are trying to bilk you for as much money as they can in one go, and they don’t care about your repeat business or whether you will ever come back. It’s a dig and dash scam.

Some sites don’t even have any live performers. They say their cam sites and because there’s girls on camera they can claim that they never said the girls were “live.” They use a process known as white labeling. It’s when a business claims that they provide one service, when in actual fact they are providing a completely different, though similar service. Because there are clauses buried in their terms of service that allude to that fact, there’s never any fear of them being sued. In fact, sites which have tried to expose them as frauds, have had libel suits brought against them, which is why we are not naming names in this article. Instead, we’re going to expose just how they scam you, and then direct you to the best sites on the internet.

The best online cam sites generally have these features in common:

  1. They actually have live feeds. Obviously, they’re not trying to screw you into paying for one service while claiming it’s another.
  2. They let you interact with their performers on a trial basis, so you know specifically what you’re getting. Good sites have separate rooms for private performances. You can interact with the girls on a trial basis. If this is not the case, the site is likely a scam.
  3. The best sites ensure quality performances with excellent webcams and internet connections. Crappier sites can be blurry. Every time the girl moves on screen it will look horrible. So in less you’re interested in watching the girl stand dead still while you wank, you’re not going to get what you pay for. You’d be better off jerking off with a picture.
  4. Good performers make a living on repeat customers. Not bilking their clients for hundreds of dollars in one go and never seeing them again. So good sites do not encourage their cam performers to stall the guys in their private rooms. It’s simply bad business over the long run.

A lot of married guys and guys in otherwise committed relationships like cam sites a lot. It’s become a very popular alternative to affair dating websites. As such, it has become the target of scammers who are looking to cash in on a booming business. Not only do you get screwed out of your money, but it’s bad for the industry at large and especially bad for the performers who make their living this way. Arm yourself with knowledge and do not encourage the scammers to rip you off and destroy the credibility of the sex cam industry.

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