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Tested In UK – Avoid Getting Scammed

It happens to the best of us, and the techniques that fake sites are using to scam people into paying for membership now are so sophisticated that it’s almost impossible to see through them.

Basically, on a real site you can send out however many emails for free, and you get responses. On a fake site you can send out however many emails for free, and you get responses. On a real site, once you pay for membership, you can continue to send emails; the same as on a fake site. Girls will chat with you and seem to be interested in meeting up, same as on a real site. But unlike a real site, you will never actually meet anyone in real life. So basically, it’s almost impossible to tell until at least a month has passed whether or not the site is a legit casual dating site, or just a well designed scam.

So without putting money down, it’s almost impossible to know whether the site is legit or not. You’d need to be on it for around a month before you had some inclination one way or the other. Even getting personal responses isn’t quite enough to tell if you’re dealing with a legitimate site member or a cam girl hired by the site to interact with users to get them to pay for membership.

So don’t feel stupid if that’s happened to you. It’s happened to us too, which is why we had to develop an elaborate method of testing each of these sites. You should not feel discouraged either. There are several legitimate adult dating sites out there, and we took the time to review as many as possible so that you don’t have to figure it all out the hard way.

Sites generally fall into a few different categories. For the younger crowd you’ve got the casual dating and hookup sites. For swingers and the like you’ve got swinger dating sites. For married guys and their wives you got cheating and affair dating sites and the cam girl sites.

We’ll go through the complete list of the best dating sites for swingers, the best cheating sites for having a discreet affair, the top live cam sites for hubbies that aren’t getting any but don’t want to cheat on their wives, and all the casual dating sites for the no strings attached younger dating crowd.

Our site provides you with all the adult sex site reviews you can need and gives you some good tips on how to interact with girls on these sites. We don’t like to talk ourselves up a lot, but our crew has been pretty successful with the internet dating thing and beyond, so we like to think we got some good insight into the thing and what works and what doesn’t.

So whatever your flavor is, our site will provide you with some good tips for navigating the world of online dating, including what sites are legitimate, and which ones are merely trying to scam you.